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A New Category B Channel will be available to Canadian horror fans

MONTREAL, April 24, 2014 /CNW/ – Canadian horror fans will be able to enjoy a new specialty channel in the coming months, TERROR TV will be making its debut on the Canadian television landscape in the fall of 2014.

Terror TV is a new specialty television channel that will be entirely devoted to the horror genre. The program schedule for the channel will consist of mainstream horror content, feature films, MOW, direct-to-video titles, and classics from the ’30s to today’s hits. All feature films will be presented without commercial interruption. Terror TV will also broadcast a variety of anthology horror series and miniseries, from classics such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents to the more recent Kingdom Hospital.

At this time, negotiations are under way with Canadian cable, telecommunication and satellite providers to make TERROR TV available to all Canadian genre fans.

New original shows

Terror TV will broadcast two new original shows in the coming months:

WHAT’S UP? will be a 30-minute daily entertainment magazine devoted to the horror genre;
– SPASM CAPSULE will presents horror short films and interviews with the creators. These capsules will be presented daily as well.
Official launch

Terror TV is planned to launch in August / September 2014 with a free preview period.

Check out the website at www.terrortv.ca for more information and a peek at the programming that will be available.

TERROR TV is owned by CALLISTO TELEVISION CORP. CALLISTO is owned by a group of private Canadian investors headed by Sylvain Gagné. With more than 20 years’ experience in the film and TV industry, he is supported by a team of very experienced professionals in the industry.

“Our commitment to the viewers is to bring them the most diverse combination of horror titles from around the world and from a span of the last century,” said Sylvain Gagné, President of CALLISTO. We want to deliver both the quality and the quantity of premier titles and classics to position TERROR TV as Canada’s number one TV destination for genre fans.”

Promo reel link: http://vimeo.com/89226870



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