New Genre is an annual publication featuring new fiction that promotes craftsmanship and innovation in the fields of science and horror fiction. Its mission is to review science and horror fiction with the goal of breaking genre stereotypes by publishing highly crafted and compelling stories, maintaining high production values and expanding the traditional genre audience.

Writers Guidelines: Accepting all variants of science and horror fiction, with the following conditions: gore, super-violent, or excessively explicit subject matter will only be considered when used with extraordinary justification and skill. Most variants of fantasy will not be published: dark fantasy will be considered. Stories set in role playing or pre-generated universes will not be accepted. No art or poetry please. Each issue will feature an average of four to six stories. Story length should not exceed 14,000 words; please query first concerning excerpts from larger works. New Genre seeks unpublished works only.

Submissions: New Genre / (attn: appropriate editor) / PO Box 270092 / West Hartford, CT 06127. Please include an SASE, or provide an email address and state your desire to receive a response in that manner. They do not accept email subsmissions.

Payscale: one cent per word, plus two contributor’s copies and an (optional) additional five copies at cost. All submissions are automatically entered in the Louise Laffin Competition.

To Order: $5.50 for issue #1, $8.50 for all subsequent issues. A New Genre pen will be enclosed with any order of two or more; order all four issues for $28 and receive two New Genre pens. Send your check or money order to:

New Genre
PO Box 270092
West Hartford, CT 06127

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