With the holiday season getting ready to move into full swing, two exciting new stories make up the third month of Eclipse Online, and the end of the first calendar year (sort of) of bringing you the very best in short fiction.

This month opens with a novelette by the fabulous Christopher Barzak, “Invisble Men,” that touches on H.G. Wells’ territory, but manages to be fresh and engaging. If you love this story, check out his new short story collection, Birds and Birthdays, and new novel Before and Afterlives.

The second story this month, and the last for the year, is World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar’s latest Central Station story, “The Memcordist.” Tidhar’s Central Station stories, “The Smell of Orange Groves,” “Strigoi” and others, form one of the most compelling future histories you’ll encounter. Just wait to see the Central Station mosaic novel he’s working on.

And with that, 2012 is over for Eclipse Online. Six fantastic stories by Christopher Rowe, K.J. Parker, Eleanor Arnason, Christopher Barzak, and Lavie Tidhar have already been purchased. And they have new stories in the pipeline from F. Brett Cox, Genevieve Valentine, Peter M. Ball and others. Thanks to Night Shade Books for supporting Eclipse through its print incarnation and on to this exciting new online world.

Invisible Men by Christopher Barzak

Firebugs by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Lavie Tidhar’s latest Central Station story, “The Memcordist,” doesn’t appear to have been posted yet.

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