Subterranean Press has announced that David Brin’s illustrated novella length (120 pages) entry into Robert A. Heinlein juvenile territory, Sky Horizon, is in stock and shipping, and captures the spirit and energy of RAH’s work for younger readers perfectly. From Green Man Review: “Sky Horizon got only better and better as the story progressed. The momentum in the second half of this short work was solid, and in the end, Brin achieved what he meant to, I think; he made me want more. I would definitely read the next book. I look forward to it, in fact. The narrative seemed to be hitting its stride in the final quarter of the novel, effectively setting up a much wider story arc. This was intended as the first installment of a longer series, and it does a fantastic job of wrapping up one storyline while opening a whole new realm of possible action and adventure.”

Limited: 1500 signed hc copies: $35

Also in stock and shipping is Bruce Sterling’s Ascendancies. Polemicist, provocateur, futurist, ‘visionary in residence,’ Bruce Sterling has been out there, personally sharpening the cutting edge of science fiction for more than thirty years. Ascendancies represents the best of his 30 years publishing short fiction. From his first story “Man-Made Self” in 1976 to his latest “Kiosk” in 2007, Sterling has written science fiction that is fast-moving, sharply extrapolated, technologically literate, and as brilliant and coherent as a laser, as he himself once said of William Gibson. His “Shaper/Mechanist” stories were an essential part of the cyberpunk movement of the ’80s, just as his “Leggy Starlitz” and “Chattanooga” stories wrangled the near future of the ’90s better than anyone else. Whether writing about the deep future in Schismatrix or the deep present in Holy Fire, he has developed into the best science fiction writer working in the world today.

Trade HC: $38

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