The first issue of Dean Koontz’s Nevermore, a new series of six original comics published by the Dabel Brothers, will be available in stores on March 11. The next five issues of Nevermore will be distributed throughout March and April. Del Rey, an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group, will distribute a graphic-novel collected edition of the individual comics in November of this year.

Description: In a desperate attempt to bring back his wife, Nora, who died at 33 of an aggressive brain cancer, multibillionaire Robert Godric invents cross-time travel and searches for a living Nora on the infinity of parallel Earths. Inadvertently, he and his team encounter an alien hive-like race – the Hydra – that is conquering Earth after Earth after Earth. If the Hydra find our version of the planet by following Godric back to it, we will not survive the invasion.

Koontz developed his original idea for Nevermore and then wrote an outline for the story. Based on the outline, writer Keith Champagne and illustrator Andy Smith created the six comic-book issues

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