Bram Stoker Award-winning author John Everson’s third short story collection, Needles & Sins was released last month by Necro Publications. Description: Roses scented with bitter deception, Oracles redolent in hidden redemption, a body-mod-obsessed ingenue with an amputee fetish and a demon gone soft on a bitter angel. Dreamcatchers, an alternate Nativity with a pimp God and a non-compliant Mary, Stupid Bitch the three-legged cat and the secret explanation of how Germany almost won the war with the devil on their side. These are just a few of the provocative sets in these 19 stories rife with “Needles & Sins”…

“I’m really proud of this book,” says Everson. “It has some of my best work of the last decade, including 3 stories that received Honorable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies, a couple pieces reprinted from long out-of-print Delirium books, as well as a half dozen brand new stories.”

The vignette, “Needles & Sins” was the last piece completed for Everson’s short story collection of the same title. It now opens the collection, and if you’d like a taste of Everson’s writing, you can read the vignette here: “Needles & Sins”

To order the book from Needles & Sins

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