Necro Publications just received a big return and now has a number of out-of-print Charlee Jacob hardcovers and trade paperbacks available for Geek Poems and Dread In The Beast. Geek Poems is an all new collection packed with some of her finest short story and novella work. Order here: Geek Poems Dread In The Beast is stuffed full of the gruesome and horrible. Taken from the mythologies and histories of humankind, it follows the trail of the Mother Spririt of the worst that the world is capable of producing. From the catacombs of ancient Rome where a blasphemous sect twisted the message of the early Christians – to modern America with its obsession with violence, deities and saints and the reincarnations of beasts battle over sublime and profane, where the very reasons for existence for us all may lie in the unthinkable. Order here: Dread In The Beast

In other news, Edward Lee’s Room 415 is available for pre-order. Description: Jack Flood has a problem that he’s long-since given up trying to solve. He’s a success in business but a failure as a man. He doesn’t even care anymore … until he sees the open window in the hotel room below. The open window … and the woman. The door looks unassuming – Room 415 – but Flood knows what horrors rage behind it. Soon the sweat of his desire will be besmirched with butcher’s blood, and the moans of passion will grind down to throat-ripping screams. To pre-order: Room 415

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