Eternal Press has released My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls by Linda D. Hays-Gibbs in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: A paranormal regency romance with vampires and ghosts. At the mercy of the darkness which terrifies her, Pru is alone except for 40,000 dead bodies. She starts screaming with no hope as the black starts to consume her. Suddenly warm strong arms embrace her and she is sheltered from the horror all around. She sleeps until the arms leave her once again alone in the dark and her screaming starts again. Luckily the dawn is coming and she has not lost her mind entirely before the first burst of light softens the dark. Then the horrors must leave as the day chases them away.

Excerpt: From the corner of the woods Pierre Blanchard saw her. She was like an angel floating around in the carnage of hell. At least she looked like an angel. Her beauty was compelling and her grace was like a dancer and a determined little flower with serious and painful intent. He could feel her emotions. Suddenly, all he wanted was to comfort her, to take her into his arms and never let her go. He started toward her and then halted, shaking his head to clear it. He could not do that. He was the enemy, the dreaded Frenchman, and he had to stay hidden. After all this horrible battle, someone had to report back to France that they were defeated. Pierre should have already left. Maybe, God willing, this time there would be no more wars. No, that was not possible. Was it not Plato that said the only men who did not war were dead men? There would always be wars.

Check it out on Amazon: My Angel, My Light

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