Cemetery Dance has announced the arrival of three new books at their warehouse — including two exciting new titles they haven’t even announced yet: Weed Species by Jack Ketchum and Prodigal Blues by Gary A. Braunbeck. Their third new book is The Long Last Call by John Skipp. These new titles ship as soon as Cemetery Dance finishs shipping their recent Grab Bags, Lisey’s Story, and a flood of retailer orders for their Halloween books as well as the two new Clegg books.

In a recent interview Ketchum called Weed Species “the most vicious thing I think I’ve ever done…” You can read the entire interview here: Ketchum Interview.  And you can order the book here: Weed Species

Prodigal Blues by Gary A. Braunbeck is a brand new, previously unannounced original novel that’s in stock. This is another emotionally disturbing tale that’s going to generate a lot of discussion among Gary’s fans and horror readers in general. You can order here: Prodigal Blues

And finally, The Long Last Call by John Skipp. Skipp is one of America’s most cheerfully-perplexing Renaissance mutants: New York Times bestselling novelist turned filmmaker, satirist, social crusader, musical pornographer, splatterpunk poster child, purveyor of cuddly metaphysics, interpretive dancer, and all-around bon vivant. You can order his book here: The Long Last Call

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