“What originally started as a screenplay about a simple power outage (think Irwin Allen),” says author Keith Knapp about his novel, Moonlight, “developed over the years into a story about good and evil. The novel itself was going to be more of a character study on how a small town deals with a power outage that goes on and on – but then the zombies showed up, all on their own.”

Moonlight begins with a power outage that goes beyond lights and televisions. Clocks stop telling time. Cell phones no longer receive signals. Cars become dead relics that won’t start. As the world around them becomes darker, so do the inhabitants of the small town of Westmont, Illinois. A mysterious and evil presence has taken hold over the village, making the once peaceful town a place of violence and despair. A small group of individuals, untouched by this presence, must uncover the mystery of why they remain normal and discover what (or who) is taking control of their town.

“The story goes beyond mere gore and some undead folks eating some live folks,” continues Knapp. “While it can certainly be enjoyed as pop-horror-fiction (which is just how the author likes it), the true heart of the novel rests in the hope the characters are searching for. Each character must find their own source of hope – and not just survive. Overcoming the evils within themselves is the driving force of the survivors.”

Keith Knapp is the author of over a dozen screenplays, including the direct-to-video horror-comedy Shower of Blood. He currently lives in California with his Better Half and more cats than he cares to count while working on his second novel. You can read more about his novel and/or order (it’s also available in a Kindle edition) here: Moonlight

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