Monstermatt Patterson, Kyle Kaczmarczyk and West Neb Books have announced the upcoming Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.2, slated for a 2012 Halloween release.

This follows up the well-received first volume “bad” monster jokes. Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1 collected over 400 gags, puns, and rhymes. Vol.1 showcased monsters, horror films and all sorts of characters and creeps from across the horror genre. Vol.2 will have nearly 500 jokes, picking up where Vol.1 left off, to simultaneously lampoon and honor the obscure and profound elements of the weird world of monsters.

Vol.1 continues to receive great reviews from all over the globe. Vol.1 poked fun at independent films like Basket Case, The Manitou, The Human Centipede and Troma films, while also joking on the classic Universal Monsters and movies.

What can readers expect from the follow up? Vol.2 keeps that theme alive, taking aim at the Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Faces of Death, Trog and many more! Once again, using a formula of rhymes, song parody lyrics, puns and zingers, coupled with insightful and humorous illustrations, the duo of Kaczmarczyk and Patterson hope to keep you grinning, groaning and laughing!

Monstermatt Patterson, dubbed ‘The Man of a Thousand Bad Monster Jokes,’ says, “We wanted to pay tribute to the classics, the b-movies, the grindhouse and obscure films, while making it fun and even educational, for most every age group, from horror novice to professional. We’ve gotten many emails about people getting into horror and or further into it, all because of the jokes and illustrations. There is something for nearly everyone!”

Monstermatt Patterson’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.2 is slated for release in time for the 2012 Halloween Season.

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