Permuted Press has released Crusade (Eden Book 2) by Tony Monchinski.

Description: Millions of flesh-hungry zombies roam the land, seeking out the last survivors. Buddy, a pregnant Julie, Mickey, Gwen and Bear are refugees from Eden, seeking a better place. Along the way they face adversaries living and dead, and befriend new survivors, whose sole hope lies in the complete annihilation of the undead. Yet none suspects that the true threat lies within their ranks.

The only chance humanity has is a total war – a crusade – against the zombie hordes. In a war of the living versus the dead, the stakes are high and only one side can emerge victorious!

Tony Monchinski, Ph.D., is a high school teacher in Bedford, New York. He writes and photographs for MuscleMag International, a monthly bodybuilding magazine, and his books include The Politics of Education (Sense), Critical Pedagogy and the Everyday Classroom (Springer), Education in Hope: Critical Pedagogies and the Ethic of Care (Peter Lang), as well as the novels Eden and Crusade, both from Permuted Press.

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