Milton's ChildrenBad Moon Books slipped this one by us last February, but Jason V Brock’s Milton’s Children is still available.

Description: A seafaring expedition to the Antarctic takes a detour during their return home to investigate a chain of uncharted islands. The landing party finds amazing animals – including gigantic, undiscovered species of what seem to be either very bizarre birds or flying reptiles. They break up into two groups to explore the landscape, and when one group fails to return, the others decide to camp on the beach for the night and wait for a helicopter rescue in the morning…

When the chopper arrives, there is no one to be found – only a gruesome aftermath, and the scientists’ cameras and notes. Upon reviewing some video taken by the original party, the few remaining crew members learn that these creatures are much more than anyone could have imagined.

Joe R. Lansdale says, “Fun and clever and full of storytelling energy. You are bound to like this one.”

You can order directly from Bad Moon Books here: Milton’s Children

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