MIdnight Son on DVDThe independent vampire film Midnight Son is now available on DVD and Digital Download in the U.S. & Canada. Image Entertainment is handling U.S. distribution, while Mongrel Media is handling Canada.

Description: Jacob Grey (Zak Kilberg) was a normal boy for the first twelve years of his life. Then, a bizarre accident changed everything. On a typical summer afternoon, his arm caught fire – ignited by sunlight. Twelve years later, his life is changing again. Due to his rare skin condition, Jacob spends his days hidden from the sun. He works the night shift as a security guard.

Lately, he’s been having trouble with food. For some reason, no matter how much he eats, he’s always hungry. Nothing satiates him – until he takes up an unsettling habit of drinking butcher shop blood. Feeling better, Jacob ventures out into the city to make new friends.

At a local bar, he meets Mary. They quickly fall for each other, and in the heat of passion, Jacob accidentally tastes her blood, and thus human blood, for the first time. He soon finds himself drawn to other humans in a predatory way. Fearing he may hurt someone, Jacob seeks out human blood in a hospital biohazard waste bin. Here, he meets Marcus, a corrupt orderly who uses the hospital to supply his clients with whatever they may be addicted to.

As Mary and Jacob grow more intimate, his secret becomes harder to hide. Their first attempt at lovemaking is interrupted when his eyes involuntarily transform. Mary is frightened, but her love for Jacob is strong. Tension builds between them. Jacob’s worst fear comes true when he sees a newspaper article about a murder – a woman employed at the building where he works – killed in a nearby parking lot. An LAPD Detective is soon on the case, asking him questions about the night of the murder. Jacob is afraid he may have committed this terrible act, but has no firm memory of it.

Running out of options, his relationship with Marcus reaches a boiling point, and they get into a nasty brawl. He blacks out during the fistfight and wakes up in a different location, shirt stained with blood. The following night, Marcus’ brother Russell holds Mary at gunpoint, demanding to know the whereabouts of Marcus. Jacob cannot give him a straight answer, so Russell vengefully shoots her. Transfixed by the blood draining from her wound, Jacob feeds on her, unwittingly sucking the bullet from her body. Mary’s injury is miraculously healed. Safely delivering her home, Jacob realizes it is time to confess to the police.

At the station, he finds out that the body of the murdered woman was burned – by sunlight. Putting it all together, he realizes he may have infected Mary, and possibly Marcus. After a violent encounter with a crazed, infected Marcus, Jacob returns to Mary and finds her dying of starvation – she needs blood. In this climactic moment, the Detective bursts in to make the arrest.

Jacob is faced with a terrible choice.

Here’s the trailer:

“When I lived in San Francisco, there was an old house I walked past every day that was boarded up and seemingly abandoned,” says Director Scott Leberecht. “The odd thing was that someone had covered the windows (from the inside) with whimsical paintings of trees and rainbow landscapes. I imagined a person trapped inside that could not come out, trying to connect with people passing by– someone who perhaps could not be exposed to sunlight, and was very lonely. At that point I realized I had never really seen a vampire film that depicted the physical condition as something debilitating and tragic, as opposed to empowering or romantic.”

Learn more on the official website: Midnight Son

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