Bad Moon Books has announced Michael Louis Calvillo’s second novel, As Fate Would Have It. Following up his Stoker nominated I Will Rise, is this nasty tale of succulent and savory delights, love gone bad, and addiction most foul. Art by the talented Peter Mihaichuk.

Description: Montgomery, a gourmet chef on the fast track to fame, has a teeney weeney problem. He’s a murderous cannibal addicted to human flesh. Guilt and worry eat his brain and beg him to stop, but his headstrong girlfriend Liz won’t let him quit. She blames Montgomery for getting her hooked on the succulent meat and refuses to curb her carnal urges.

Ashley, a twenty-something trying to figure her place in life, desperately wants to kick the nasty heroin habit she aquired with her boyfriend Henry a year and a half ago. Henry wants to make Ashley happy and quit, but no matter how hard he tries he can’t seem to resist the drugs consuming pull.

As Montgomery and Ashley struggle with codependence, with love, with loss, with sorrow and regret, they seek to find salvation in the unlikeliest of places- each other.

Bad Moon will be publishing this novel in January of 2009. Only 150 HC copies, signed & numbered and 26 lettered copies (details to follow). $50. For more information, and/or to pre-order: As Fate Would Have It

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