MercilessBlack Bed Sheet Books has released the paperback and digital editions of Merciless by Brandon Ford.

Description: Kyra and Claire have never met, never spoken, but by the time this crisp autumn evening comes to a close, they’ll have formed an unbreakable bond and an indestructible unity as they face an evil nothing in this world could’ve ever prepared them for.

Kidnapped at gunpoint, they are bound, beaten, and savaged by a madman whose sole purpose is to enforce pain and impose suffering. Driving them far from their peaceful suburban community, he becomes more monstrous with each mile that separates them from any and all familiarity.

Kyra and Claire are mere innocents, taken against their will and brutalized by a man who, as they soon realize, is not a man at all. He is ruthless. He is relentless. He is MERCILESS.

Presented with three additional harrowing tales, “The Neighbor,” “Last Call,” and “All I Ever Wanted,” acclaimed author Ford demonstrates chilling examples of just how people can be monsters, too.

About The Author: Brandon Ford has written three horror/suspense novels (Crystal Bay, Splattered Beauty, and Pay Phone), all of which are available in paperback and a variety of digital formats. He has also written a collection of short fiction titled Decayed Etchings. In addition, his work can be seen in various genre anthologies, including The Death Panel, Made You Flinch, Raw: Brutality as Art, and Something from the Attic. He currently resides in Philadelphia.

Check it out on Amazon: Merciless

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