Jason McKinney’s Memoirs of the Walking Dead is out in paperback. This isn’t a traditional zombie story, it’s a zombedy.

Description: Boy and cat lead dull lives. Boy goes to club, gets sick and dies. His cat dies too. That sucks. Boy and cat wake up dead. Zombie boy meets zombie girl. Zombie cat likes zombie girl. Zombies break up and boy joins the Army. Now unlife is even more interesting. Meet Paul Rierson. He’s a zombie; though don’t let that fool you—Paul’s got a pretty big heart considering he doesn’t have a working one. And though he’s new to the whole un-dead experience, there’s no doubt he’s a pretty thoughtful guy. Sure he craves the taste of living flesh, and there’s that whole being hunted on a daily basis thing—zombie-life is no walk in the park—but when Paul meets Tracey Dobbs, a fellow newbie to the un-dead life, he’s smitten. He also comes to realize that in matters of life and death, perhaps being alive is not all it’s cracked up to be. Oh, and one more thing—dead people rule!

Memoirs of the Walking Dead follows Paul through his new zombified life as he comes to terms with its accompanying limitations and perks. Paul finds himself re-evaluating the way he went about things before dying.

“Zombies aren’t dead, but undead, and they still have to take out the trash and make the rent,” says author McKinney. “What’s the difference between the living and the undead then? Zombies crave living flesh, which makes for an interesting time in Paul’s undead life.”

McKinney provides a really fun read and reminds readers that it’s never too late to make the most of life.

You can read Chapter One here: Memoirs of the Walking Dead

And you pick up a copy through Amazon.com here: Memoirs of the Walking Dead

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