According the scrolling message at the Meisha Merlin website, the house that Stephe Pagel and brothers Kevin and Brian Murphy built is closing its doors for good next month. Established in1996, Meisha Merlin celebrated its decade-long successful venture just last year at Conestoga 10 in Tulsa, OK. Among the Science Fiction, fantasy, and horror titles published include works by Andre Norton, George R.R. Martin, Janet Berliner, George Guthridge, James A. Moore, Janny Wurts, Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, John Morressy, and others. Gossamer Eye, a collabortion by Rain Graves, Mark McLaughlin, and David Niall Wilson, was honored with a 2003 Bram Stoker Award in Poetry.

This is the message posted at Meisha Merlin: “I am sorry to say that due to major distribution problems Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. will be closing their doors in May 2007. Both Kevin and I along with the entire staff here at Meisha Merlin want to thank all our fans, customers, authors, & artist for your support over the past eleven years. We are sorry to have to do this, but events beyond our control have forced us to make this decision.

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