Damn It To HellDamnation Books will release 18 new titles on September 1st. On Release Day, the publisher will host a Meet the Authors Chat, online. This event will be open to the public at Damnation Books Chat. Door prizes will be given to random participants during both sessions.

The first Meet the Authors Chat is a 2PM Eastern Time and the second session begins at 7PM Eastern Time.

Various authors are expected to attend the event and share information about their novels.

These are the titles to be released in September:

  • Damn it To Hell by Mike Emmett
  • Shadowman by Aaron Dennis
  • Pandora by Joanna Parypinski
  • The Witch of Round Mountain by Brian Young
  • Shadow Walker by J.E. Gurley
  • Damage Inc. by Brett McKay
  • Grim by Joseph Spencer
  • The Closet of Discarded Dreams by Rudy Ch. Garcia
  • International Harvester by Matt Erickson
  • Crossing Mother’s Grave (sequel to The Wrong Way Down) by Jake Elliot
  • Volunteers for Literacy by Gretchen Elhassani
  • The Devouring~Kavachi’s Rise by Mike Kearby
  • I Left My Brain in San Francisco (sequel to Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator) by Karina Fabian
  • Storm Bay by Gabe Thompson
  • Rez Rock by Timothy Martin
  • Ancient Blood: The Amazon by Jack Franklin & Bob Nailor
  • Sharkways by A.J. Kirby
  • Beautiful Monster by Jared S. Anderson and Mimi A. Williams

Remember: Meet the Authors Chat on September 1st at 2PM Eastern Time and 7PM Eastern Time

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