If you haven’t read one of the Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz, and even if you have, you might like to take a quick peek at the short introductory video posted online: Odd Thomas. There you’ll see “Odd’s Journey: Chapter 1” – the first of three video shorts that hope to introduce Odd Thomas to lots of people who don’t already know him. Next week, on November 20th, Chapter 2 will run, and then the following week “Odd’s Journey: Chapter 3,” plus a special “Odd’s Journey: Chapter 3 — The Director’s Cut,” a longer film that reveals more about Odd. These mini videos will also appear as televison commercials for the Odd Thomas series, one airing per week nationwide for three weeks running on the program C.S.I.

From the Odd Thomas website, you can click through to: Dean Koontz’s home page. That site will be updated with new podcasts, new weekly installments of “10 Questions,” and more, leading into and all throughout publication of Brother Odd in hardcover, which lands in stores on Tuesday, November 28.

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