Exorcist author, William Peter Blatty, who turned Georgetown University into a horror scene in The Exorcist plans to sue the school in church court, charging that his alma mater has strayed so far from church doctrine that it should no longer call itself Catholic.

British new kids on the block This Is Horror are seeking to cement their position as major champions of home grown and worldwide genre literature with the announcement of an exclusive, limited edition quarterly run of horror chapbooks.

Kindertrauma is currently carrying an interview with Nancy Strickland author of Landfill.

Book Review: Westlake Soul, by Rio Youers

Horror came to the Cannes Film Festival this year, courtesy of Italian cult director Dario Argento who told AFP in an interview that his 3D Dracula is a man for our times. “It’s an experiment with Dracula. What fascinates me about the character is his way of seeing reality, his bisexuality … his wild nature,” said the director of the film that premiers out-of-competition at midnight Saturday.

Werewolf by Night #42 was the culmination of an arc under writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin where the book transitioned from the story of a young man who transforms into a werewolf based on the lunar cycle to a book about a young man (Jack Russell) who can control his transformation into a werewolf and decides to use his werewolf abilities to fight crime.

Now that he’s resurrected Jane Austen’s adored heroine Elizabeth Bennet as a formidable foe of zombies and reimaged the 16th president of the United States as a lethal hunter of vampires, writer Seth Grahame-Smith is undergoing a transformation of his own. The best-selling novelist of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is getting into the movie business, with not one but two flicks opening this summer.

People are reading. In fact, more people are reading now and buying books than ever before. According to an online British article by The Guardian’s Lloyd Shepherd titled, “The Death of Books Has Been Greatly Exaggerated”, there was a 42% increase in book sales over the last ten years (in Britain, and no I don’t know how many emails were hacked to get the figures). It’s All About the Money: The Shrinking Horror Niche

Writers Craig Pay and Dave Schofield Launch Cutaway Magazine!

Mark Andrew Smith (Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors) and James Stokoe (Orc Stain) have been working on their baseball-horror graphic novel Sullivan’s Sluggers for a couple of years and it’s finally ready to go into production.

David Cronenberg looks like he’s back to his old form with Cosmopolis, now in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Adapted from Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel, it tells of an asset manager who cruises through New York City in a high-tech limousine as the world crashes around him. He is losing money after shorting the yen, and everywhere he is pursued by activists rioting and waving rats wherever they go.

Horror Author Lia Scott Price has released the first issue from her new Vampire Comic Series Vampire Guardian Angels. Entitled The Guardian, the book is the first of 3 issues to be published in 2012. The first issue is published through createspace.com.

ParaNorman, the newest stop-motion animated feature from LAIKA, is a horror/comedy about a lonely boy who becomes his town’s only hope when a witch’s curse unleashes the walking dead. It’s the brainchild of writer/director Chris Butler and co-director Sam Fell, who sat down with reporters at LAIKA studios in Portland, Oregon, taking a break from shooting the film’s final scenes.

Diablo, much like all of Blizzard’s franchises, has a deep and vast history behind it. So deep that even small side characters end up having a lengthy section just about them. Between the plotlines of the games themselves focusing on the prevention of Diablo and his minions from exerting their control over the mortal realm, though, there is not always a chance to go deeper into the relationships between the various entities of a franchise, or what happened prior to a game’s events. Diablo III: The Order – book review

How to create the perfect zombie was the unusual lesson for students when they had the chance to meet comedian turned children’s author Charlie Higson. Charlie, who is best known for writing and appearing in programmes such The Fast Show and Randall and Hopkirk Deceased, dropped into Great Baddow High School and King Edward VI Grammar to talk about the paperback release of The Fear, the third book in his zombie adventure series: The Enemy.

It’s official: the Stephen King Movie Renaissance is now in full swing. With the announcement that two producers headed to the Cannes Film Festival to sell a big screen version of King’s short story “The Reach” (a tale King is often quoted as saying he would “most like to be remembered for after his death”), a new era of the author’s movie adaptations has begun.

David Vann excels at writing about the darkest side of the human heart. His earlier works, short-story collection Legend of a Suicide and novel Caribou Island, explore the lives of those driven to embrace death. The theme of Dirt is similar to those of its predecessors, its journey less introspective. Book review: Dirt, by David Vann

Mira Grant is really not Mira Grant. She is really Seanan McGuire – and according to legend, she is not afraid of the monster under your bed because she is the monster under your bed. Beware of Mira Grant! Feed your zombie hunger: An interview with Mira Grant

Karl Edward Wagner was among the most talented writers of the generation that helped to put horror on the popular fiction map in the 1970s and ’80s. For this comprehensive two-volume retrospective of his short horror fiction, editor Stephen Jones gathers the full contents of Wagner’s collections In a Lonely Place (1983) and Why Not You and I? (1987), plus most of the contents of Exorcisms and Ecstasies, a compilation of Wagner’s previously uncollected short fiction that Jones assembled in 1995. Stefan Dziemianowicz reviews Karl Edward Wagner at Locus Online

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