Gauntlet Press reports that the layout has begun Richard Matheson’s Generations, his new autobiographical novel.

Matheson has never written an autobiography, and doesn’t have any plans to do so. And he’s been too busy with his own writing to work with anyone interested in writing his biography. Generations, then, is the closest readers will get to an autobiography of Matheson as a teen and in his twenties.

In Generations Matheson lays bare family secrets in a fictional setting. The meeting of his family after his father’s funeral never took place, but the incidents Matheson mentions are all factual. Matheson also added a chapter (after he completed the novel) on the strained relationship between he and his father.

Gauntlet will have a 500 copy trade edition but only a 26-copy signed limited edition (over half have already sold out). For the limited edition Matheson wrote his full name on the tipsheets. This will be the only version of the novel available. Gauntlet will not be publishing a second printing or a trade paperback of the book.

Check it out: Matheson’s Generations

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