Mark Gunnells’ Creatures of the Light, published by Sideshow Press as a trade paperback as well as a deluxe hardcover edition, contains two novellas. It’s designed as a flipbook, with two separate covers.

Description of Whisonant: For most young adults, college life is the holy grail of freedom. A place where friendships are forged that last a lifetime. For Hannah, it’s hell.

An outcast her entire life, she had hoped that college life would offer new opportunities for friendship and acceptance. Instead, she exists on the fringes of campus life, too mercifully absorbed in her own morose poetry to let the cruel ridicule and total isolation break her.

It is while on one of her daily trips to the cemetery that she sees it. GERALD WHISONANT is the name on the tombstone, although it isn’t the name that seizes her attention, but the death date chiseled into the bottom.

Her exact birth date.

Intrigued by the odd coincidence, Hannah embarks on an obsessive quest to discover more about this boy and his mysterious death. The more she uncovers, the more she feels a connection with this dead boy, more of a connection than she has ever felt with anyone living.

A connection rendered even more intense when Gerald makes contact…

Illustrated by Michael Moran.

Description of Creatures of The Light: They came one day without warning, ravaging civilization and preying on earth’s alpha species … man. Active only in the daylight hours, they have driven mankind out of sunlight and into the shadows.

A small group of survivors has taken refuge in a an old movie theater. Living a nocturnal existence, they must send teams out into the night, searching further and further from safety in an effort to procure supplies, racing against the rising sun and certain death.

When the area surrounding their refuge is picked clean of supplies, a small party must venture out to find a new home for the isolated survivors. Their mission will either bring a glimmer of hope…

…or the merciless jaws of total annihilation.

Illustrated by Tom Moran

You can purchase the book directly from the publisher here: Creatures of the Light

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