The March issue of Nightmare Magazine ( is now on sale. In the March 2013 issue, there is original fiction from David Tallerman (“The Sign in the Moonlight”) and Jeff VanderMeer (“No Breather in the World But Thee”), along with reprints by Molly Tanzer (“The Infernal History of the Ivybridge Twins”) and Livia Llewellyn (“Jetsam”).
They also have the latest installment of their column on horror, “The H Word,” plus author spotlights with all of their authors, a showcase on their cover artist, and a feature interview with bestselling author Jonathan Maberry. The full table of contents are below.
The entire issue is available in ebook form now, both from Nightmare directly and from third party ebook vendors; the issue’s contents will be serialized on throughout the month. Dates in parentheses indicate when the story or article in question will be live on the website.

Nightmare Magazine

Issue 6, March 2013 

Editorial, February 2013 (03/06/2013)

“The Infernal History of the Ivybridge Twins”—Molly Tanzer (03/06/2013)

Author Spotlight: Molly Tanzer (03/06/2013)

“The Sign in the Moonlight”—David Tallerman (03/13/2013)

Author Spotlight: David Tallerman (03/13/2013)

The H Word: “The F Bomb”— R. J. Sevin (03/13/2013)

“Jetsam” – Livia Llewellyn (03/20/2013)

Author Spotlight: Livia Llewellyn (03/20/2013)

Artist Gallery: Daniel Karlsson (03/20/2013)

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Karlsson (03/20/2013)

“No Breather in the World But Thee”—Jeff VanderMeer (03/27/2013)

Author Spotlight: Jeff VanderMeer (03/27/2013)

Interview: Jonathan Maberry (03/27/2013)

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