Athanasios has seen the second edition of the first novel in his Predatory Ethics series, Mad Gods, released in a digital format.

Description: A unique and engaging read that re-imagines myth and gods.

Kosta is a man with a dark past, and lives life on the run: wanted dead or alive by Satanists, Dark Nobility and the Catholic Church. He has abducted a child destined to enslave the world and given him a life more ordinary.

Together they are pursued by those who want the child returned to his destiny and the Church that wont give up its power.

Prophesy and free will collide when the child must finally choose his own path or the fate set out in Revelation.

The second book in the series, Commitment, has also been released, as well as the third book, I Am Eternal, which is a spin-off and deviates from the main storyline.

You can pick up Book 1 of the Predatory Ethics series for only $2.99 on the Kindle here: Mad Gods

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