Noah K. Mullette-Gillman’s Luminous and Ominous is now available through and Smashwords with the paperback coming soon.

Description: If you had three days’ warning of the end of civilization and a safe place to hide:

What would you take with you? Who would you save?

And who would you leave behind?

Henry Willingham and his friends have three days to make the most terrifying decisions of their lives. The world has been infected by an inescapable living nightmare of alien vegetation that will replace all life on Earth. They must get everyone they love safely underground into a fallout shelter. There’s not enough time. There’s not enough room for everyone. Who will they save? Who will they leave behind?

How will they live with the consequences?

After hiding underground for a year, the last three survivors must brave the otherworldly infestation and travel through what used to be upstate New York struggling for their lives and their humanity.

“I’m a big fan of post-apocalypse and zombie movies,” says Mullette-Gillman. “I love the survivalist aspect of them. When I watch the movies, read the books or graphic novels I always put myself in the position of the survivors. What would I do differently? How could I make sure that I’d survive? Luminous and Ominous is, in part, my opportunity to imagine surviving through a world-wide disaster. But one thing I didn’t want to do was actually use zombies. As much as I love the genre, it has been mined to death. How can you really say anything new in a zombie story? What excited me most about writing Luminous and Ominous was that I found a new terror to cause the fall of civilization. I’d like to think that it made the apocalypse fresh again. It did for me, at any rate.”

You can read a short excerpt here: Luminous and Ominous Excerpt

You can order the Kindle edition for only $2.99 here: Luminous and Ominous on The Kindle

And you can order through Smashwords for $3.99 here: Luminous and Ominous

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