Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the publication of Lucifer’s Lottery by Edward Lee, a brand new (and very affordable) signed Limited Edition.

About the Book: Theology student Hudson has just won the lottery, but not just any lottery — Satan’s lottery.

Only eleven people in all of human history have been so honored since Lucifer’s fall from Heaven in 5318 B.C. All Hudson need do is say “yes,” and he will receive an all-expenses-paid tour of Hell, and his tour-guide is the damned soul of H.P. Lovecraft, the greatest horror writer of all time…

And into the Abyss Hudson ventures to witness carnal pleasures that boggle the mind and horrors piled upon horrors within the smoking, screaming metropolis that is now Lucifer’s domain. But will Hudson make the ultimate choice and disavow his salvation to become a prince in Hell?

Check it out here: Lucifer’s Lottery

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