Lucas Manson by Thomas Hauck is currently available through both in book form and on the Kindle.

Description: When Special Agent Mark Dylan investigates a homicide, he uncovers the terrifying world of the Kingdom Seven Family Temple and its leader, Minister Lucas Manson. As Dylan penetrates the temple, he learns secrets that will change his life forever.

“This book shreds the common teen vampire genre and re-invents it from the ground up,” says Huack. “Forget all those mamby-pamby moonstruck teen wolf romantics; Lucas Manson is an adult, as cynical and vicious and charismatic a bad guy as you will ever meet. He’s part businessman, part Elmer Gantry, and part Hitler. But that’s just one aspect of this complex horror thriller. Without giving away the breathtaking twist, let’s just say that the hero, FBI agent Mark Dylan undergoes a life journey that will leave you breathless. The subplot involving Dylan’s desire to have children with his wife Lucy is sharp and affecting, and really does play a central role in the book’s denouement – it is not just a tacked-on gimmick to make Dylan a fuller character.

“If that weren’t enough, if you read between the lines you’ll realize that the book is skewering cult religions like Scientology, which the Kingdom Seven Family Temple suspiciously resembles. The temple is run like a business, right down to managers’ meetings with sales reports on the Lucas Inspiration line of clothing, made, naturally, in sweatshops. The temple leaders carefully track how many victims they consume, and there is a grimly comic theme running through the book about how the temple manages to dispose of the growing number of victims’ carcasses.”

Lucas Manson combines social satire and horror in a refreshingly original way.

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