Larry Latham has long been a fan of author H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, he was part of the group that helped raise money for a grave marker for Lovecraft. Now, he’s turning his fandom into a mystery comic that asks: What if Lovecraft’s stories were real? The result? Lovecraft is Missing, a webcomic that’s updated every Friday. The first page went up October 1, 2008 and the project will continue through six issues, however long as it takes.

“I have the outline of a sequel,” says Latham. “But that will depend on the state of things when the first series wraps up. I was originally planning each issue to be 24 pages, or 144 pages total. As I worked, it occurred to me that since it is on the web, I really don’t need to have that restriction. Book 1 was 22 pages, Book 2 was 26, Book 3 is 27. Later issues will be longer or shorter as needs dictate. Since it’s never going to come out as a newsstand comic, in single issues, the page count can be accomodated in a graphic novel format.”

The issues are archived, so if you arrive late on the scene, you can quickly catch up. Check it out: Lovecraft is Missing

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