Lord of Homicides
Dennis Latham

YS Gazelle Books
Paperback, 200 pages, $16.00
Review by Rick Spearman

Dennis Latham’s Lord of Homicides presents the story of Nathan Bright. The story begins with the abrupt appearance of Balberith “The Lord of Homicides” who believes that Nathan may be the second coming of Christ. Along with a legion of demons under his command, this giant winged Demon and his minions, whom only Nathan can see, take up residence at Nathan’s isolated farm in Aurora Indiana.

Balberith is hell bent on bringing about the end of the world, waging war against an equally inept army of angels. Aided by Scrotum and Gonadis, box demons that can possess humans and animals, the demons enlist Nathan’s childhood neighbor, Joe Bison, a psychotic ex-cop with a passion for fish and Wilma Flintstone and Nathan’s two tailed dog. This combined with Nathan’s increase in power, and the impending visit of his sister, a nun, provides setups for much of the humor.

Although not as intense as Latham’s novel, Michael in Hell, Latham develops a creative mythology for the angels and demons. The characters are adequately developed, often taking a backseat to the story, but for an epic of battle between God and Satan, characters usually do. In the middle, the pace of the story slows and towards the end of the book, what seems to be a predictable ending is not.

Overall, if you want an entertaining story, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, sprinkled with vulgarity, sacrilege, blasphemy, satire, and brine shrimp, then Lord of Homicides will satisfy your needs.

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