Are you a Screamer, a Vampiress, a Mistress Of Darkness? Enjoy having the pants scared off you? Do you have a Horror Fetish, or are you just a pure Gothic Princess? After Dark Films is searching for Miss Horrorfest 2006, wicked enough to be the face of 8 Films To Die For, a weekend of never-before-seen terrifying films, played exclusively in 500 theatres across the United States.

Courtney Solomon, Producer/Director Of Dungeons & Dragons as well as An American Haunting (starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek), will give each contestant up to 2 minutes to prove she truly deserves the title of Miss Horrorfest 2006. The winner will be crowned on Halloween and receive $50,000.00, as well as making appearances on TV & Radio and have their likeness splattered on posters and billboards around the country. Costumes, Gothic attire and props are welcomed. Whatever it takes. All entries must be legally 18 or older.

Interviews On Friday The 13th at Sessions West Studios, 2601 Ocean Park Blvd. – Suite 120, Santa Monica, CA 90405, Time: 3-7:30pm. Interviews will also be conducted in New York (October 10th, Miami (October 11th), and Dallas (October 12th). For further details please contact: Jeff Gerrard Casting, (818)782-9900

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