Aiming for a Christmas 2007 release, The Dinner is directed by Stefano Pivelli, an Italian helmer who has been working as the visual effectist for horror productions such as The Pool 2, The Academy and Zona 3. The screenplay was written by three authors, using the common alias of Daniel M. Rock. The cast is composed by some young Italian actors (Diana Dell’Erba, Mario Cellin, Gregory Colla, Rodolfo Tabasso and Gualtiero Calligaris) and others who have starred in movies and fictions for Italian TV (Paolo Riva, Sandra Botticelli, Eugenio Gradabosco).

Synopsis: Four friends, Bea, Gregory, Lory and Pietro, meet Sara, a new girl studying in their college. When summer arrives, they accept her invitation to pass the holiday in Sara’s childhood house. When their trip is interrupted because Gregory seems to be intoxicated, the group is forced to search for help and eventually members find themselves trapped in creepy house, where real horror begins. The family who inhabits the house is composed of three brothers, who practice every kind of pervertion, especially cannibalism. While Greg, Pietro and Lory are imprisoned one after the other and then horribly tortured, Bea manages to escape, but, before she can reach a safe place, she will come to understand all the horrors and secrets of the cannibal family.

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