Subterranean Press is hard at work on Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows, the third graphic novel in Joe Hill’s award-winning ongoing series, illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, with a full-color dust jacket by Vincent Chong. A couple of things you should note: This time, there will be no trade edition, making the limited edition of Crown all that more valuable. In addition, those who own the previous volume, Head Games, have until June 29 to lock in their number of letter to keep a matching set.

Description: Turn the key. Unlock the door.

I’m sure you’ll be perfectly safe.

Unless you live in Keyhouse, in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. In that case, turn the right key, and you could wind up anywhere.

Keyhouse has, like any haunted house, not only its own ghosts but also its own agenda. It chooses the keys that are found, and those that remain hidden in the shadows. And the shadows of Keyhouse have their own key as well.

Now in possession of the Shadow Key, Dodge uses it to continue his quest for the mysterious Omega Key. The remaining members of the Locke family are still rebuilding their lives, in the wake of the devastating events that began in Welcome to Lovecraft and Headgames, but there is no key to make that rebuilding easier. Locking things away doesn’t make them any safer. At Keyhouse, shadows come to life, and a giant walks.

Turn the page. Unlock the story.

You can pre-order directly from the publisher here: Crown of Shadows

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