Lincoln Crisler has announced the limited edition hardcover of his debut novella, Wild, is now available for preorder.

“For those not in the know, Wild is my debut novella,” says Chrisler. “It features gunslinger vs. zombie action based on a real missing persons mystery from the Wild West.”

The paperback and electronic editions are coming in March from Damnation Books, but to kick things off, Crisler is producing a 26-copy limited edition hardcover with cover art by Tom Erb, four interior illustrations by Ash Arceneaux, a special introduction by the author, and a never-before-seen bonus short story.

“It’s scheduled for publication in January and costs only $30 plus $5 shipping and handling, and will come signed by myself and both artists,” adds Crisler. “There are currently 21 copies available. Email me at if you want to buy the book; I’ll send you a Paypal invoice unless you make other arrangements with me. When I receive payment, your copy will be reserved. Obviously, I’ll only be invoicing the first 21 people to respond to this offer; anyone else after that will be contacted if copies become available.”

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