Drink To The DeadThe Faceless was published by Solaris earlier this year, with author Simon Bestwick creating a terrifying novel set in the north of England and revolving around a long-abandoned hospital.

Simon has now returned to the world of The Faceless with his e-novella, Let’s Drink To The Dead – which Solaris is now offering to the world Absolutely Free in epub and mobi formats.

Description: Fourteen-year-old Alan – abused, terrified, and haunted by the spirits of dead children – is gifted with the means to fight back and protect himself and his sister. Narrowly escaping assault on the road, hitchhiker Dani accepts an offer of hospitality from a gentle stranger; but the grisly stories he tells of the town loom closer than she suspects. Summoned by a ghostly figure to the abandoned farmhouse on Dunwich Lane, Myfanwy uncovers a history of abduction and cannibalism. The scene is set for a final showdown with a mysterious entity known only as the Shrike…

Welcome to Kempforth. Simon Bestwick, critically-acclaimed author of The Faceless, presents us with three new, interconnected tales of supernatural terror and human cruelty.

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