Legends and LandmarksAuthor John Schweingrouber has released the horror/suspense series Legends and Landmarks for e-readers using Amazon’s Kindle. “It’s exciting to update the series and reach a new audience,” Schweingrouber says. “It’s always a fun challenge to introduce some interesting twists with the characters and the plot to keep the book exciting and the story fresh for my readers.”

Volume I of the series, The Night Walker, starts the four part journey following two young reporters working on a book about landmarks that have strange or unusual legends surrounding them. It is then that they draw the ire of a centuries old evil that stalks them throughout the series.

Description: Eric and Todd, two crime reporters for the city news, discover an age old legend of evil as they work on a book about legends. As they come to find out, some legends are true. This one may kill them. While researching the history of Pleasant Hills’ most famous attraction, one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, the duo discover a horrific legend that ripped the founding settlers apart. Living among them in Pleasant Hills is a hidden evil centuries old. It will stop at nothing to satisfy its lust for blood and fear. Eric and Todd find themselves fighting for their lives in what can only be described as a living nightmare.

Follow the series from start to finish as Eric and Todd try to escape the evil they unleashed as it destroys everyone and everything around them. Legends and Landmarks, Volume I: The Night Walker sells on Amazon for $8.99. The remaining books in the series are Legends and Landmarks, Volume II: Freedom’s Path, Volume III: Demon Wind, and Volume IV: Devil’s Cave.

Schweingrouber has released seven books, most in the horror and suspense genres including the short story compilations Dark Nights and To the Edge … And Back Again. He is currently working on his eighth novel expected to be released in early 2013.

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