Vampire UntitledWho says it doesn’t pay to visit the Hellnotes website?  For the rest of this month, you can claim your own FREE ebook, Vampire “Untitled” by Lee McGeorge.  After you read the book, head on over to Goodreads and leave a review.  I know the author would appreciate it, and so would we.

From the press release:

Since its release last year, Lee McGeorge’s non-supernatural horror, Vampire “Untitled” has been picking up strong reviews and for the month of February, readers of Hellnotes can download the book for free.

The story follows Paul McGovern, a young journalist visiting Romania who uncovers a strange Christian shrine and shallow grave hidden in woodland. The locals say it is the grave of a vampire. Paul thinks there was a murder, covered up and masked with superstition. But the deeper he looks into the mystery, the more insidious and disturbing the truth behind this grave becomes.

Vampire “Untitled” is available now for $4.99, but to claim your free download head over to and use the download code HELLNOTES

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