Last Night OutTy Schwamberger’s new novella, Last Night Out (Author’s Preferred Edition), is now available to order from UK publisher, Crowded Quarantine Publications. It also contains the bonus short story, “Bartender, Please.” Below is the description of this 138 page novella.

Gabe, Alan and Erin thought one last night out on the town before their junior year of college came to an end would be fitting. The three friends did the same as always – they went to a bar. Only this time they decided to try someplace new: The Torchlight Inn. They are eager to make it a night to remember.

During their time at the shabby bar they come face to face with seedy bar patrons, a biker gang and one strange-acting bartender named T-Bone. But all is well until Alan and Erin mysteriously disappear and Gabe has to try and find his friends before being forced to pay their bar tab.

Little do any of them know the secret the place holds beneath its cracked floorboards…

Where a whole new kind of horror is waiting for them.

Check it out on Amazon (paperback $10.99, ebook $2.99): Last Night Out

If you’ve never read any of Schwamberger’s work, you can learn more at: Ty Schwamberger

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