This Halloween the acclaimed and notorious Danish director, Lars von Trier releases his ’90’s horror-comedy series, The Kingdom, on Hulu. The series has been compared to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and was a direct inspiration for Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital. Since Trier’s production of The Kingdom he’s gained international acclaim for movies such as Dancer in the Dark starring Björk and Antichrist starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe.

On the occasion of the Halloween-release of The Kingdom, Trier’s production company has made a brand new Halloween trailer:

Short Synopsis: Change is afoot at the National State Hospital in Copenhagen, called The Kingdom. Within this setting, strange things begin to occur. An ambulance arrives at Emergency and then mysteriously disappears. Mrs. Drusse begins to hear the voice of a little girl when traveling in one of the hospital elevators. One of the staff doctors becomes pregnant, but an ultrasound reveals the foetus to be much older than it should be. A patient on an operating room table claims to have seen the ghost of a little girl who comforted him during his surgery. Fear begins to grip the hospital as it becomes evident that a terrible secret from the past may be at the root of the presence of the restless spirit.

The entire series can streamed for free at: The Kingdom

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