Cult filmmaker and novelist Gregory Lamberson will introduce rare screenings of his feature length films Slime City and Undying Love at upcoming festivals devoted to horror films.

Lamberson wrote and directed Slime City (1989) and Undying Love (1992), and both films played as midnight movies in New York City.  Slime City has achieved cult status. It was licensed around the world, and was released twice domestically on VHS.  Last year, New Jersey based Shock-O-Rama Cinema released it with Lamberson’s third film, Naked Fear (1999) as a special edition, double feature DVD.

Lamberson will introduce a screening of Slime City at the Spooky Empire Screamfest in Orlando, Florida, at 7 PM on Saturday, October 14th.  Festival details: Spooky Empire Screamfest

Undying Love, Lamberson’s deconstruction of vampire mythology, is a more obscure title.  After its theatrical midnight run, E.I. Cinema released it on VHS as New York Vampire in 1998, and Shock-O-Rama Cinema is planning a future DVD release.  Variety called the film “a modern vampire tale suitable to hipper fans of the genre.”

Britain’s Samhain Magazine reviewed it: “Gregory Lamberson’s New York Vampire proves that imagination and talent can overcome even the most meager of budgets.  A punk horror film with aspirations to both Taxa Driver and The Addiction, it’s a novel take on vampirism. A punchy film which tells a good yarn with a quick pace, New York Vampire’s energy compensates for its shortcomings. A low budget allows for greater innovation, and Lamberson reveals himself a name to note. Paying attention to character, he shoots with intelligence and flair, and has a fine ear for black humor.”

Lamberson will screen Undying Love at two venues.  It plays at the Eerie Horror Film Festival in Erie, Pa, at 5 PM on Friday, October 6th.  Festival details: Eerie Horror Film Festival  The film will also be the Opening Feature for the Halloween Horror Picture Show in Tampa, Florida at 12:30 PM on Sunday, October 15th. Further details: Halloween Horror Picture Show

Lamberson is the author of the 2004 novel, Personal Demons, winner of the Anubis Award for Horror.  He is currently writing a new novel, Johnny Gruesome, and is developing a new film, Deadly Rites.  Visit his website: Gregory Lamberson

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