KnuckledusterComing March 2013 in a trade paperback from Medallion Press is Andrew Post’s Knuckleduster.

Description: Forty years in the future, Brody “Knuckleduster” Calhoun spends his life in a cycle of violence and probation. To strangers, he looks like a junkie with orange-stained eyes. To the police, he’s a well-known criminal who’s racked up eleven harassment charges and seventeen cases of aggravated assault, all with a deadly weapon: his brass knuckles.

Brody is a vigilante for hire who tracks down women’s abusive husbands to repay pain with pain. He wants to help the women and doesn’t like accepting their money, but he has no choice. Injured in the military and sent home, Brody needs expensive batteries to power his carotene lenses. Without them, he is completely blind.

When Thorp Ashbury, an old friend from the service, invites him to rural Illinois, Brody seizes the opportunity to escape the city and violence. Instead, he uncovers a conspiracy that could shake the foundation of everything he stands for.

About The Author: Andrew Post was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1984. He spent the countless study halls of his formative years filling notebooks with science fiction and horror stories. His work has appeared in several literary magazines, including Underground Voices, Cannoli Pie, and The Legendary. Knuckleduster is his first published novel. Andrew lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with his wife, who is also an author, and their two dogs.

You can preorder this one through Amazon here: Knucklduster

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