Dreams become reality as KJ Garett publishes his psychological horror novel, Black Mass. For more than four decades, KJ Garett has written horror and mystery short stories under different pen names. He wrote for horror magazines, horror story websites, and paranormal websites.

Description: A mysterious cult prescribes the death of a man. Hundreds of miles away, Stephen dies in unbearable agony of no apparent cause. A Chicago doctor finds himself consulted by his old friend Stephen who is exhibiting inexplicable symptoms: agonizing headaches and insomnia with no apparent physical cause. Stephen, gave a warning to Joe about a slim beautiful woman with long black hair, Stephen tells Joe not to get involved with her. Dr Joe couldn’t help himself, he meets the beautiful slim woman with long black hair, Anne. After meeting Anne, Joe’s whole world turns upside down, he finds himself fighting for his life and the love of a woman who may not have the ability to return the favor. When Stephen passes on, the doctor inherits the bulk of his estate, including a cottage located in the dunes of Indiana. It is when he takes possession of this cottage that he encounters the Dune Dwellers, who purport to be a residents’ association but actually seem to be mixed up in some kind of black magic. Where was the answer – In some books on demonology the victim left behind? In a Black Host used only in the most forbidden of Black Magic rituals? Or in the eyes of Abbie, a woman of incredible beauty, of perfect evil? A terrifying journey into the occult. Now it was up to Dr. Joe to find the cure or die finding one.

Black Mass captures the hard times and the danger of a fictional Chicago area,” says Garett. “A cult hundreds of miles away, puts a curse on a man in his forties, leaving him fighting for his life. Life changes forever for Doctor Joe Baker, out of his element, but addicted to finding a cure, never to find it in time. Joe keeps digging hoping to save his friends life. All the while, he tries desperately to keep his practice in the black. Joe has had a hell of a month, his friend dies and now battling to keep his own life, with seemingly nothing that science or he can do to stop this impending doom, except for a mysterious and beautiful woman.

“Life needs a little excitement,” Garett adds with a wink.

“The Indiana dunes, is a great place, giving you the feel of a small town with a big town thrill, When Joe an innocent bystander, who ends up fighting for his own life, is pulled into the dark underbelly, his fears, needs, strengths and weaknesses show through to illuminate the human experience. The light and dark of the dunes magnify the light and dark sides of human nature. People are not always, what they seem.”

KJ Garett’s literary influences include Professor Herbert L. Sebren, his former English Professor at Old Dominion University. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Bentley Little, have inspired him greatly.

Published under the Ravenskyy Publishing imprint through CreateSpace, Black Mass is available at Amazon.com in perfect-bound six by nine paperback and on the Kindle. Black Mass can also be found at Lulu.com as a hardcover and pocket paperback.

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