Gauntlet Press is holding off on taking orders for Stephen King’s Battleground while they’re getting clearances for a DVD that will be part of the book (literally – it will be in the back of the book).

While Gauntlet can’t relate details yet (besides the one-hour version of “Battleground” that is only available as part of the entire Nightmares and Dreamscapes boxed set), R.C. Matheson and Brian Henson (who directed the episode) would like to add some exclusive material that will never be released in any other form.

Those who have followed Gauntlet Press over the past twenty years are aware that getting clearance for something like this takes a great deal of time and perseverance. If successful, though, not only the book but the DVD will be a one-of-a-kind collectible. Gauntlet is continuing to work on adding contributors to the book, so there is no set date yet when they’ll start taking orders for the book.

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