Killer SpidersAustin & Macauley has released the paperback edition of Lex Sinclair’s Killer Spiders.

Description: It is 2005 in Great Britain, and an invasion of venomous spiders has hit the country. Hitchhiking’ in imported food, the spiders are able to thrive in the changing climate. At first, coverage of the attack is overlooked in favor of world events, but soon the spiders begin to take over. They cover everything they come across in gigantic webs and kill everything in sight. Their favorite food? Humans. Immune to insecticides and pesticides, the spiders multiply and take over towns and villages, spreading outwards from the London sewers. Dire consequences ensue for many residents of Great Britain as they fight to keep the killer spider epidemic under control. Soon everyone is affected, and all still-living residents are made to evacuate their homes. As the spiders spread, so does the havoc they wreak and the numbers they violently kill.

About The Author: Lex Sinclair was born in Neath, South Wales in 1983. He is the author of more than 20 short stories and eight novels including, Abducted: The Frozen Man; I wish: The One Eyed Monster; and The Lord of Darkness.

His short story “The Dieis Cast” was runner-up in the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award 2010. His poem ‘The Scarecrow’ appeared in Cheval 4, his other poems have appeared in the South Wales Evening Post. His first novel Neighbourhood Watch was published by Neil Millers Publications.

Read an Excerpt: Killer Spiders Excerpt

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