MTI Home Video will next release the crime thriller Killer By Nature on DVD, VOD and Digital Download on February 14, 2012. In the film, horrific murders, which once lived only in a young man’s nightmares, suddenly begin to occur in chilling reality.

The gruesome film stars Golden Globe Winner and Emmy Award Nominee Ron Perlman (Hellboy films, Sons of Anarchy), Emmy Award Winner and Golden Globe Nominee Armand Assante (American Gangster, Judge Dredd), Zachary Ray Sherman (90210, Far Side of Jericho), Lin Shaye (There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin), Haley Hudson (Marley & Me, Freaky Friday), Svetlana Efremova (White Oleander, The Island) and Richard Riehle (Bridesmaids, Office Space).

Description: Owen Whitmore (Sherman) has a sleep disorder and occasionally sleepwalks. After his dreams turn violent, his therapist decides to consult with Dr. Jonas Julian (Perlman), a specialist in sleep disorders and dream analysis. Things take a turn when a missing woman is found dead… in precisely the manner in which Owen described from his dreams.

Killer By Nature is directed, written and produced by Douglas S. Younglove (Whiplash), and also produced by Rebekah Sindoris (Film Trix 2002) and Valerie McCaffrey (Neo Ned).

DVD features include: Closed Captioning, 16:9 Widescreen Format, 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound, Trailers and Optional Spanish Subtitles.

Check it out on Amazon: Killer by Nature

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