Only ChildGauntlet Press has announced that they only have a few copies left of the signed, limited edition of Jack Ketchum’s Only Chil>dOnly Child.

But on the good news side, Gauntlet has just signed a contract to make the book available as a trade paperback. Few details are available, though Gauntlet says the book should go to the printer by the end of the week.

Description: Lydia McCloud meets Arthur Danse at a wedding party and it isn’t long before she thinks he’s a man she could grow to love. On the flip side, when Arthur meets Lydia, he thinks that she’s the sort of woman people want to protect. But he wants to show her that she can’t always be protected. After Robert is born Arthur’s behavior becomes more bizarre. And by the time the courts become involved, all hell breaks loose.

We’ll have more as it becomes available.

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