Author Keith Adam Luethke has released his novella, A Zombie Apocalypse through Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle programs.

Description: Rachel Cormac is one of the last survivors of the zombie apocalypse. She’s stayed alive by hiding in her house and keeping her undead husband locked in the basement. But she’s running low on food and decides to travel to Ohio to find the last shreds of her family. Only, she becomes a zombie along the way and finds herself having to make choices she never even considered before, not to mention, she’s never felt so hungry.

“I love zombies, but why are they always the villians?” says Luethke. “I always wanted to believe that zombies had a soul. I tried to answer this question with my novella.”

You can purchase the paperback here: Zombie Apocalypse Paperback

You can purchase the Kindle edition: Zombie Apocalypse Kindle

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