Director Tom Holland (Fright Night, Child’s Play) is venturing into Stephen King territory once again with a feature film adaptation of The Ten O’Clock People.

Warner Bros’ adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel It has a director and writer. Cary Fukunaga, the hot-shot filmmaker behind last year’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, is boarding the project as director and will co-write the script with Chase Palmer, who previously adapted Frank Herbert’s Dune for Paramount.

When the horror novelist Stephen King was once asked why he wrote such gross stories, he said he did it because he had the heart of a small boy — which he kept in a jar on his desk. With his beady eyes and I-just-killed-the-cat grin, King looks and sounds like a horror novelist. But when Rev. Paul F.M. Zahl read several of King’s novels, he learned something new about the author: There’s a lot of faith behind his fright. It’s the gospel of Stephen King

It was three years ago that Time magazine trumpeted zombies as the new vampires of popular culture. Now those lurching corpses are threatening to overrun us in a new and ever-more shocking way — as the subjects of highbrow poetry, high art and serious literature. Raising the undead

Dark Inside is the debut novel of Jeyn Roberts written for young adults. Read the review on The Rotting Zombie…

Clice Barker from signing with Amazon Studios, the entertainment content development division of, to rewrite their action-horror film project Zombies Vs. Gladiators.

The Manchester Book Market, now in its fifth year, is playing host to some of the most innovative and prolific independent publishers in the North West this weekend.

A.J. Lieberman is taking organ harvesting from underground operating rooms and urban legends to the pages of his newest comic book. The writer stitches together a dangerous and immersive combo of modern horror, crime drama and medical intrigue with Harvest, his new Image Comics series.

Publisher THQ has announced that unexpected hit Metro 2033 has sold 1.5 million units since its release in March 2010 on the Xbox 360 and PC. Many believe, THQ included, that if the game was marketed more efficiently, it would have brought in some serious profit for the publisher.

Foresight Features: Canada’s unlikely horror film factory. The indie film company prefers Collingwood, to Hollywood, for churning out cheap flicks.

Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro has been in the craft of filmmaking since he was 16, filling roles as diverse as P.A., assistant director and makeup effects. In a candid interview, he explains how he learned filmmaking in author Mike Goodridge’s new book, FilmCraft: Directing.

Coming from German publisher TopWare and it’s in-house Reality Pump Studios (responsible for the Two Worlds series of games), Sacrilegium is looking to revive and renew the survival horror genre.

The Rock Bottom Remainders, the all-author rock band with Stephen King, Dave Barry, Amy Tan and Matt Groening among its members, will hold their last public concert, after performing together for 20 years, at the El Rey Theatre on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:30pm.

The first part of Stephen King’s newest collaboration with his son Joe Hill, “In the Tall Grass,” is now out on newsstands as part of an ongoing Esquire push for “men’s fiction.” Short Story Review: ‘In the Tall Grass’ Part One, by Stephen King and Joe Hill

The Loved Ones, a great horror gem from Australia, is again proof that genre specific titles from the land of “Gooday” are still alive and well. Originally released in its native land back in 2010, it is now reaching American theatres courtesy of a partnership between Paramount Pictures (who purchased the domestic rights) and Tugg,

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