JournalStone’s $.99 sale this week is a must buy if you like short story collections:

warped wordsWarped Words for Twisted Minds – JournalStone is pleased to present its 2010 Short Story Anthology. We are excited to announce that our first anthology is exclusively filled with original pieces of work, and we were happy to find so many talented authors interested in participating. The included 14 stories are the winners of JournalStone’s first short story contest, and for some, this is their first published piece.  We hope you enjoy the combined efforts from a wonderfully gifted group of authors as much as we did here at JournalStone Publications.

–Christopher C. Payne, President JournalStone

From imaginary boyfriends to zombies of all kinds, submerge yourself into the warped minds of several of our twisted brethren. Join us while we relish in those who feast on the flesh and wallow in the pits. Watch as our fellow man is taunted and tormented into insanity.  Witness murder through the eyes of victims forced to contemplate their impending bloody demise as they are forced to observe others meeting the same gory end.

You will squirm in your chair as you contemplate which would be worse – being tortured and abused by your next-door neighbor or being eaten alive by the walking dead.  Can you trust your own beautiful, perfect child, or is your mother a cold-blooded killer who haunts your nightmares? You might even begin to question whether the person sitting at the dinner table is actually human at all.

Allow us to enlighten you on how gnarled and decayed the black hole of the human soul really is…..

Welcome to JournalStone’s 2010 Anthology.  Open our pages only if you dare to believe your sanity is firmly intact….


90 Minutes to Live – From the very best of our 2011 Short Story Competition, we bring you stories with two common themes: a timed demise and a lock of hair. Our authors have combined those two elements in wickedly inventive tales that we are proudly adding to our Warped Words Anthology series. JournalStone Publishing presents thirteen new additions, from thirteen authors, in our five favorite genres. Strange tales spawned from Fantasy and Young Adult, as well as our time honored Horror, Sci-Fi and Paranormal themes.

Thirteen divergent tales of horror, desperation, panic, helplessness—even glory. You will feel the weight of time as these poor characters feel it, and you will wonder…

Who will survive? Who will have a choice?

The results are stunning. You will be squeezed till you cannot breathe in the silence of space. You will lie waiting for death in a tropical haze. A city will crumble as you seek your escape and demons will come to party in your favorite nightspots. Join us as we peek into these very dark places…but keep your eye on the clock. Someone has but…..

Ninety Minutes to Live!

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