JournalStone has announced their new eBonus program. If you purchase a print copy book, (hard cover or paperback) on the JournalStone website, you will automatically receive the electronic copy of the same book for free. It’s like you’re purchasing two books for the price of one.

If you enjoy holding a book in your hands but want instant access to it, you now have that opportunity. This is NOT for a limited time. This new program will be in place for as long as JournalStone is selling books. At JournalStone they believe in being innovative as they lead the industry into the every changing framework of publishing and distributing books. As a dynamic small press it is exhilarating to be a part of the quickly evolving framework that consists of producing and distributing books.

JouranlStone celebrates its third birthday!

In celebration of JournalStone’s 3rd birthday – in the month of April – and their first full year of publishing books, they will be giving away a free Kindle Fire. All you have to do to enter is purchase a book of any format at the JournalStone store and you’ll automatically qualify for the contest.

JournalStone Publishing is an innovative small press, focusing on Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror in both the adult and young adult markets.

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